The Roblox Cheats and Roblox Hacks Now Public

After months of hard work team Moldite have finally brought their secret underground Roblox cheats pack public. It contains exclusive methods used by only the elite Roblox players. Never before has this membership been opened to the public. Registration limited to 300 members!

We have working cheats for Robux, Tix and lot's more. Our Roblox cheats are not available anywhere else!

8 User Comments:

Jackobscove says...
Thanks I've made so many Tix now thanks to this!
haybgo says...
Hey could you stop sharing this? I don't want others to get it LOL

18chiatt says...
Nice! I've been looking for Roblox cheats for ages THESE REALLY WORK!!!!
Lilozze2 says...
Do you have any more? This got me a load of Robux and Tix but is there anything else???
jojoMOjo says...
YAAAS I have sooo many more tickets than my friends now!!
Looftuj says...
Can you upload the bot somewhere else? The download is slow...
Epicness2K says...
Best Roblox cheats ever how did you find them?
Kevin3004 says...
only took 5 mins to get all these TIX I can buy ANYTHING

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Our Roblox Cheats Actually Work

roblox hacks

You might have seen all of the useless Roblox cheats floating around the internet so far. The fake videos, the useless "cheats" and the scams trying to get your username and password?

Yeah. I thought so.

Fed up with all of that, we've put together what is now called the Roblox Domination package. The unofficial guide to Roblox with unique tools which are unavilable anywhere else. We do not ask for your login details, we do not have old broken cheats and best of all - the Roblox Domination is kept 100% within the Roblox rules - so you are not risking your account.

Once you unlock your free premium account you have instant access to download the entire Roblox Domination pack. The cheats are kept up to date and once you've unlocked them you're always able to download the latest versions.

You also get entered into the monthly draw for a free Monthly builders club membership. We also do free monthly item donations for the members with the highest points for that month - although with the Roblox Domination pack you get everything you need anyway!

Using Our Cheats

We have the latest and greatest in working Roblox cheats and Roblox hacks. Whether you want some Roblox hacks for Robux or learn how to hack roblox games we have what you need.

There are no easy roblox cheat codes. There is no Roblox money hack program you can run. The websites and videos telling you otherwise are just trying to get you to download something which will just in fect your computer. We focus on the real working cheats and not fake downloads, or enter your password anywhere. This is not some fake roblox trainer, Roblox hack program or anything like that. What you will find here is the latest working Roblox cheats and glitches. Some are for individual games which you can use only within those games and others affect your entire roblox game.

Right of the bat we want to make two things very clear. First of all we do not support, endorse or spread any kind of hack roblox passwords kind of stuff. We never support players trying to steal or scam from other players. Our Roblox cheats will help you get Robux and Tickets with little work, but it is not going to involve getting your account banned or affecting other players. We have some of the best roblox ticket cheats and cheats for Robux around that nobody else has even seen that are within the rules and do not risk your Roblox account.

Secondly we want to make it clear that we are not associated with Roblox Corporation themselves in any way. Their game, their designs and their copyright etc... all belong to them and their partners. We're just a fan site ran by players, for players and this is an unofficial guide. We don't pretend to be them, we just enjoy their game. They certainly have not added roblox cheat codes into the game (no up down left right godmode here) but the pack does not have any cheats which affect your account or end up getting you banned. A lot of the youtube roblox cheats you find are either fake or just plain against the rules.

roblox cheats

Our cheats allow creative ways of playing and getting what you want without affecting your account or other peoples play. You'll find our archive of roblox cheat videos here on the site. A lot of these cheats are old and no longer working but you'll always find our homepage has the best and most up to date cheats. What really sets us ahead of other cheat sites (other than the fact our Roblox cheats actually work) is that we also have the Roblox Domination guide. It is a free download with some exclusive Roblox tips and tricks that your friends won't have even heard about. Whether you're looking for Roblox mods, Roblox Tycoon cheats or Roblox hacks for Robux (that not only work - but are within the rules) then the domination pack is for you.

Things are always being updated which means that the Moldite pack might change over time as well. Sometimes we need to update if the rules of the game change or if something within the game itself changes. We also need to update when we find something new (which we do frequently). So make sure you're always getting our latest pack by bookmarking the download page and coming back again. We're working on building a proper alert system to let people know when we've found a new cheat.

For the basics (which we don't always cover in our cheat pack) make sure you take a look at the Roblox wiki instead. We try to make sure that we cover everything you need but if you get stuck there's plenty of guides over there which can help you out. We have plenty of cheats and walkthroughs here but it doesn't hurt to use both!


RobloxZ is the code name we've given to our upcoming project. In fact if we haven't had a chance to update yet, you might already find it in the download section. We're not going public with the details just yet (we like to keep a surprise or two) but we can tell you that it'll still be within the game rules, it'll still be easy to use and it should give you a lot of fun within your Place. We're hoping to have it out soon so fingers crossed we'll make our deadline!

It's based on a side project from the guys at the Roblox cheats project (who are also worth checking out). But the project is always ongoing so things keep changing who knows where it will end up when it's eventually 'finished'.

All of our Roblox glitches, cheats and hints are video explained to make it easy for you to follow. We don't think anyone will have any problems but if you do just get in touch through our Facebook or contact page! Our cheats are always updating and once unlocked, your premium account will allow you to download the updates. So enjoy our Roblox cheats and Roblox hacks and come visit us in Roblox!